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Ho Hoo Hooooo!

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Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Of Santa Claus coming to town, with bells a-jingling and red nosed reindeer galore?

Then open up your chimneys for The Santa Claus All-Stars, the drunken 60’s almost classy rat-packesque cheesy X-mas experience band!

Guillaume and Greg have slipped on their best ties and joined up with Chris from Favez, Renaud from Kruger, Marco from Samael and Jérémie from Rosqo/Toboggan to bring all those classic holiday favorites to a city near you for 4 special christmalicious shows:

16.12.2011 Nouveau Monde, Fribourg
17.12.2011 Le Bourg, Lausanne
22.12.2011 Kammgarn, Schaffhausen
23.12.2011 ISC, Bern

Come out looking smart and be prepared to sing along!
X-mas smooches to all, naughty or nice.

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